(ir)Reconcilable Contradictions

Ponderings and wanderings in the quest for self-realization, substance, and reciprocity.

The blogs that follow are not typically tied up neatly with a moral or a point. They’re more like a perpetual conversation, flowing from one topic to the next, all connected in a web of philosophies and perspectives and experiences.

Now and then, older writings and projects, some of which are rawer and less polished than others, will show up.

EverythingI once had a shiny red 20Q ball in my possession. For those unfamiliar, it’s a handheld computer game devoted to playing the game of 20 questions. ~20170904 Read more

Why this? Why now? As a self-proclaimed privacy advocate, exposing myself to potentially the entire world (a girl can dream, can she not?) is, shall we say… an irreconcilable contradiction…? So why am I starting a personal blog? ~20170806 Read more…


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