Hands On Sustainability 2025: Zero Waste Event Proves that Love is Recyclable*

Preparing to return home to Northeast Ohio last year, I knew I wanted to focus my post-college career and community involvement back in Akron. A few meetings I’d had with community leaders resulted in similar sentiments about the city’s vibe: ...it’s an exciting time to be doing sustainability and social justice work in Akron!


Worker Cooperative Law: 11 States, 9 Issues

Summary of state laws in Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington pertaining to issues relevant to worker cooperative corporations. Worker Cooperative Law: 11 States, 9 Issues Mentions: Ohio Employee Ownership Center. (2015–2016, Winter). OEOC Collaborating on New Study of State Employee or Worker Cooperative Statutes. OWNERS @ WORK,XXVII(2), 8–9.